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Here is what judging the B2s this year entails: An electronic judging process where judges log-on to the B2 Awards website and review preliminary submissions, letting us know how they rank. The judging can be done at your leisure and takes no more than an hour.

What’s in this for you: The opportunity to gain a sneak peek at the industries’ best work! According to one past judge, Suzanne Martin, CMO of The MX Group, “being able to judge the B2s provided her with a broader field of vision as she developed the marketing programs required for the industries and segments she targeted.” She also stated that seeing the latest work in the industry was a great way to stay on top of tactics and techniques that have performed well – an insight we all strive to gain in the ever-changing landscape of B-to-B marketing. See more of Suzanne’s B2s judging success story here.

Here is the judging timeline: The judging will take place between in March and early April, 2017. Please contact us to reserve your spot. Following your RSVP, we will reach out to you in the coming weeks to review your categories and log-in credentials.

Interested in judging the 2017 B2 Awards? Contact Us!